What should I do if my FIBER11 connection goes down?

The FIBER11 NOC monitors the network 24/7/365 and will probably know that you are down before you do, however in the event that we do not, you can use any of the following to notify us:

  • Submit a ticket through the www.FIBER11.net website
  • Send an email to support@FIBER11.net
  • Call FIBER11 Support at: 817-740-7711

Once we know that your district is down, we will begin working on restoring the service immediately and communicate progress directly to you until service is restored.

In the case of a multiple district outage, we will communicate this on the www.FIBER11.net website, on twitter through our @FIBER11Network account, and via email to the primary POC we have on file. We will communicate resolution ETAs and service restoration messages this way as well.

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